Dr. Gary Bergstrom speaks to attendees at the 2016 Small Grains Management Field Day

The SCS community and Cornellians celebrate World Soil Day through art created with soil

The 1st Agronomy Extension Field Day held in 1898, LeRoy, NY

Participants in the 2015 Soil Health Workshop's Root Bioassay Lab Demo

Aaron Ristow presents at the 2015 Aurora Farm Field Day

Attendees on the walking tour at the 2015 Aurora Farm Field Day

Rolled/crimped Cover Crops at Musgrave Research Farm

Integrated Wheat Management Trial at Musgrave Research Farm

Robert Musgrave Research Farm

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Featured Website - Soybean Disease Survey

Do you grow soybeans in New York?  Then you'll want to familiarize yourself with our new Soybean Disease Survey pages.  You may browse by county or by disease to find which diseases have been confirmed in your area, learn how to identify the disease, understand the conditions which favor each disease, and find management recommendations.