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Corn Disease Survey

Corn diseases identified as part of the 2013 - 2017 Northern New York Agricultural Development Program corn and soybean disease survey

              Ear Rots
County Northern Corn Leaf Blight Eyespot Northern Corn Leaf Spot Common Rust Common Smut Head Smut FUS. Gibb.
Saint Lawrence        

The purpose of the study was to identify and monitor the presence and distribution of the predominant diseases of corn in the six northern New York Counties.  Each year, up to 40 corn fields were monitored for diseases by CCE educators Mike Hunter and Kitty O'Neil, and representative samples were submitted to the Bergstrom lab for confirmation of diagnosis.  The foliar diseases, such as northern corn leaf blight, eyespot, northern corn leaf spot and common rust were ubiquitous and widespread throughout the region in most years.  Head smut is a recurring disease of concern in the region because it had not been identified in the region prior to this survey for decades.  The ear rots may become more prevalent as the western bean cutworm is less effectively managed.  The project will continue to monitor and confirm the presence and expansion of corn diseases in the region.