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NNYADP Research Advancing Dairies' Whole Farm Nutrient Efficiency

Oct 16, 2018
Northern New York dairy farmers are using a whole-farm nutrient mass balance software tool to identify opportunities to improve their farmwide use of nitrogen phosphorus, and potassium. The ultimate goal is enhancing watershed and agricultural stewardship while simultaneously increasing on-farm efficiency, milk production and crop yield. Read more

Reduced Tillage Handbook Now Available Free

Sep 17, 2018
A handbook for improving soil health in both organic and conventional vegetable, row crop, and small grain systems is now available at no charge from Cornell Cooperative Extension and partners that made possible a popular field day event that served as the basis for the handbook. Read more

Harvest Strategies and Forage Quality Monitoring for Corn Silage

Sep 14, 2018
A great deal of time is spent on the basics of an optimum corn silage harvest. This time is justified as these steps are critical to a successful harvest, where the decisions made during a very short time period impact the farm’s production performance and economics for the upcoming year. Read more

Weather Outlook –September 13, 2018

Sep 13, 2018
Last week temperatures were within 2 degrees of normal. Precipitation has ranged from ¼ “ to over 3”. Base 50 growing degree-days ranged from 40-120. Scattered showers Thursday into Friday, dry for the weekend. Moisture from Hurricane Florence to reach NY next week?? Read more

Capital Area Ag Report for September 11, 2018

Sep 12, 2018
This week's Capital Area Ag Report provides timely recommendations for your corn silage harvest as well as planting winter grain. The report may be from the Capital Region, but it's applicable to the entire state. Work carefully, New York! Read more

Soybean White Mold Variety Trial Results from Genesee County, NY

Sep 12, 2018
White mold, or Sclerotinia stem rot, caused by the fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is the most economically important and difficult to manage disease of soybeans across NY State.  This disease is so undermanaged because the pathogen survives for a long time (>10 years) in the soil, making crop rotations a challenging management option.  Read more

Corn Silage Harvest Quickly Approaching

Aug 23, 2018
As always this crop season has brought unique opportunities and challenges for corn silage.  It may be helpful to compare and contrast 2018 with the last two years as we look at the potential timing of this year’s harvest. Read more

Weather Outlook – August 23, 2018

Aug 23, 2018
Last week temperatures were near normal to 4 degrees above-normal. Precipitation has ranged from less than ½ “ to over 3”. Base 50 growing degree-days ranged from 100-180. There were improvements in drought conditions in western NY and northern NY. Read more

Meet our new brewing expert

Aug 22, 2018
On Aug. 20, Kaylyn Kirkpatrick joined the Department of Food Science as the brewing extension associate. The new position will help brewers across New York get the most of their products. Read more