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What's Cropping Up? - March/April 2019 Edition

Apr 5, 2019

The March/April 2019 edition of What's Cropping Up? has been released. Topics include the biological control of corn rootworm with nematodes, warm-season grass binary mixtures for biomass in the Northeast US, and the 2018 Corn Silage Hybrid evaluation results as well as other soil health and weed and disease management topics. Read more

Expansion of Western Bean Cutworm Trapping Network Helps Protect NNY Crops

Mar 26, 2019

Northern New York is a hotspot for Western bean cutworm (WBC) primarily a pest in field corn. A NNY agricultural development grant program has expanded the WBC Trapping Network farther into the Northern New York region thus helping to facilitate early treatment intervention at lower levels of WBC which can help limit crop damage. Read more

Weathering change: Cornell CALS helps New York farmers adapt

Mar 11, 2019

Climatic changes are disrupting the entire farm cycle, from forcing delays in planting to reducing yields when the crops do grow. Cornell’s Climate Smart Farming program (CSF) supports farmers in New York state and the Northeast to put in place new practices that increase agricultural productivity and farming incomes sustainably and increase farmers' resiliency.   Read more

Western Bean Cutworm and Mycotoxins in Corn Silage

Feb 22, 2019

Mold and mycotoxin development in corn ears and stalks, and the resulting corn silage continues to be a major concern for dairy producers. For corn silage growers, understanding whether or not Western Bean Cutworm significantly impacts the yield or quality of the forage is critical to decision making for managing this pest. Read more

NY’s ag economy faces low profits, big risks

Feb 12, 2019

The outlook for New York state’s farm economy is steady, with farm incomes likely to remain relatively low for a second straight year, according to  Jennifer Ifft, assistant professor of applied economics and management. Read more

How will the new Farm Bill impact hemp, urban ag and NY’s dairy industry?

Feb 6, 2019

In the first episode of the new season of "Extension Out Loud," Julie Suarez, associate dean of governmental and community relations with CALS,  breaks down how the longest government shutdown in the books has impacted farmers, Cornell’s role in the growing hemp industry, the farm bill’s emphasis on urban agriculture, innovative production, research, and more! Read more