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Are you prepared to change your routine this spring?

May 2, 2018

While spring tasks vary by farm, there are many “rites of spring,” and they are often completed in a fairly rigid sequence. Depending on the farm, these often include fixing fence, spreading manure, planting new seedings, planting corn and harvesting first cutting, and are often performed in this order. Read more

Identifying Stress in Farm Families - Fact Sheet

Feb 16, 2018

The stress of being a farmer is often overlooked, and the continued slump in dairy prices is exacerbating the issue. NY FarmNet is here to help. NY FarmNet services are available to all farms in New York state, large and small, with a diversity of commodities including dairy, crops, livestock, maple, fruit, vegetables, honey, nursery, and more. Read more

United States Farming Practices Survey

Feb 13, 2018

Cornell University, University of California—Berkeley, and The Nature Conservancy are conducting a nationwide survey for all fruit, vegetable, grain, and field crop producers to identify the biggest challenges that farmers face, as well as the best solutions.  Make sure your voice is heard! Read more

Cover Crop Induced Insect Problems

Feb 9, 2018

The increased adoption of cover crops as a soil conservation and soil health building strategy is not without increased risk from insect pest problems.  Increased insect pest risk can be managed with a combination of timely killing of the cover crop, pest scouting, and additional timely application of insecticide. Read more

Soil Health Researchers Launch Farmer Survey in New York State

Feb 7, 2018

A state-wide survey of New York farmers is underway, with the aim of highlighting economic costs and benefits associated with maintaining and improving agricultural soil health. The survey, which will examine the agricultural practices of using cover crops and reduced tillage, is being conducted by the New York State Soil Health Workgroup and funded by NYS Department of Ag and Markets. Read more