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Acreage of soybeans in New York continues to increase, not just in the traditional district at the head of the Finger Lakes, but throughout the state.

Although soybeans are not difficult to grow, buyers are discriminating about seed quality, so producers must learn to harvest and handle the crop with skill and care.

Tests to date indicate that soybeans grown in New York are somewhat higher in protein content (34 percent to 37 percent) and lower in oil content (16 percent to 18.5 percent) than soybeans grown in the Corn Belt.

Honey Bee Health around Grain Crops

The National Corn Growers Association in partnership with the Honey Bee Health Coalition recently published Corn Best Management Practices for honey bee health. The team who developed the BMPs was comprised of growers as well as beekeepers and businesses that deal with these crops. In 2018, BMPs for soybean growers were developed, also.

BMPs for corn:

For soybeans:

The link to the HBHC is  for more information about bees and beekeeping practices.

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